I am content to be a bric-a-bracker and a Ceramiker. – Mark Twain

JuicerThis website is where I will showcase the pottery that I create in my home studio and at my local community studio.

As a hobby potter for over 25 years now, I have made many wonderful pieces both functional and whimsical and mostly unique.

Tiny lidded pumpkinUnder the Gallery tab above, I have broken down the creative process into 3 steps and you can see the progress yourself of the pieces as they are being created. As you browse through my images, please note that while most of the items are food and dishwasher safe, a small number of pieces are not and they are clearly noted as not being food or dishwasher safe.

These items are typically known as “Raku” fired pieces and should be considered as purely decorative pieces and NOT food and dishwasher safe.Lidded bowls, note White one is cracked and not functional

I hope you enjoy viewing my creations and I hope that they bring someone a little bit of inspiration.

Ps. Most of my pieces are for sale, just ask.

Please send your questions or comments to me at: grandviewpots@gmail.com