Round lidded urn

Founded near the pounding shores of Lake Ontario, Grandview Pots is a home based pottery studio and gallery. It is a much cherished creative outlet, where many unique ideas can come to life.

I was a logistics and transportation specialist for over 25 years. Pottery had always been a hobby of mine since I was a young girl and I learned from many great potters over the years. I took evening classes when I was working at the Burlington Art Gallery, The Dundas Valley School of Art and with the Mississauga Potters Guild. When I retired, I decided to devote all my time to creating all the pieces inside my heart. I make different things at different phases of my life depending on my interest or need and right now the main items I make are covered butter dishes and chicken salt and pepper shakers. These items remind me of those long ago golden days spent on the farm with our grandparents, running though the hay fields after being called home for dinner. The chickens salt and pepper shakers are unique in the way each one of them has their own personality. The butter dishes are made in several whimsical decorative styles from polka dots to flowers. I hope that my pieces take you back to your favourite childhood memories of days gone by .

All my pottery is either wheel thrown or hand built before being bisque fired and glazed before the final firing in an electric kiln. If requested I can make similar sets such as dinner ware or mugs but I can guarantee you will not get two pieces that are absolutely identical and that is the beauty of handmade objects I believe.

This website is to establish a retail location for my items and offer online sales my items are also available on Etsy. I will take this opportunity to post informative videos and links to Ceramic related content and of course, to showcase my work of my fellow potters that I have had to pleasure to admire and learn from over the years.

Hopefully this will inspire someone to tackle it themselves some day.